About us

Cakes Near Me is an online platform that links cake lovers with local professional bakers and streamlines the process of ordering custom hand-made cakes. It could be frustrating and time consuming sometimes to look for bakers around your area who can freshly bake and deliver your bespoke cake. Cakes Near Me is designed to solve this problem and help you find and order cakes from registered professional bakers easily and quickly.

Why order your cake with us?

Quality cakes: all of our bakers are registered with local authorities in the UK, so you can rest assured about the quality of the cakes and the service provided while ordering with us.

Flexibility: you can either

  • look for cakes already advertised by our bakers, or
  • submit your own design and we can check with local bakers and get you a quote very quick

Easy payment: online payment is available for checkout. With PayPal you can use your PayPal account or direct debit card to complete your order from your phone, tablet or computer.

Supporting small businesses

By ordering cakes with us you are not only buying a freshly hand-made cake but also you are supporting small businesses and local bakers. To make an order please click here.

Thinking of joining us as a baker?

Working with us have many advantages that you may not find elsewhere. This includes:

– It is completely free to join us. There is also no commission or fees taken for at least the entire of this year months. From next year, we may ask for a small commission to be taken from each order to keep the platform running.

– Customers pay online in full directly to your PayPal account when they place orders.

–¬†Choose your delivery areas and charges for each delivery zone. You can also allow customers to pick-up.

– Customers can contact you directly for any enquiry.

To join our team of bakers please click here.