6 Proven And Cheap Ways To Advertise Your Home Cake Business And Boost Sales

You may have just started your baking business from home and wondering how to advertise your business and let people know about it. Or maybe you already run such a business, but you are looking for ways to boost your sales. These are proven and cheap ideas to achieve that:

  1. 1. Photographs

This is what people see at first sight, and it is what brings their attention. So make sure you get this right.

The most important aspects here are lighting and focus. Try to get bright photos with proper lighting and remove everything else from the background apart from your cake, so that people don’t get distracted by other unnecessary details.

You don’t even necessarily need to have a professional camera for that. Most smartphones these days can be used to take really good photos!

  1. 2. Social media

With around 2.8 billion active users on Facebook and around 1 billion active users on Instagram, you cannot ignore your potential customers on these platforms.

Set up a business page on each platform and upload the best of your cakes there. Try to post regularly, 2-4 times a week to keep your bakeries in your followers’ mind. Try to get your followers to engage with your posts as the algorithms of these platform promote this kind of content to your potential customers. You can also invest in targeted ads on these platforms, but you should know how to fine-tune your ads to target your potential customers. Otherwise, you will be just wasting your money.

  1. 3. Listing your cakes in relevant platforms

If you don’t have a website for your business, then listing in relevant platforms is a great way to show off your cakes nicely to potential customers. If you do have a website, then this definitely has the potential to increase your visibility and bring new customers. Cakes Near Me is a platform where bakers can list their cakes for free, and customers can look for cake makers or their preferred cakes in a certain area in the UK.

  1. 4. Fairs and events

Look around for relevant events and markets where you can increase your visibility and show off your bakes. It is a good opportunity also to expand your network and learn from others. Why not also take some samples of your cakes or cupcakes so people can actually see and taste it?! You can also take your business cards and pass them to other people there.

  1. 5. Discounts

Sell your cakes and bakes at discounted prices to new and returning customers. This has the potential to bring new customers and keep your customers order from you next time they need a cake.

  1. 6. Easy payment

The easier you make it for customers to order from you, the more likely they are actually going to do it! Try to set up a secure and simple way for payment. Most people prefer to use PayPal or to use their direct debit card. Cakes Near Me also provides a simple and secure payment system where customers can pay using PayPal or their debit card.

Register with Cakes Near Me and set up your online store for free!

You can register and list your cakes and bakes on Cakes Near Me completely for free and forever! If you want more information or if you just want to register, please follow this link: If you would like to have a look at our future blogs, please subscribe below.

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