How to join us as a baker

Joining us is extremely simple. Just follow these steps:


Register here as a baker. Please make sure that you are registered with your local authority.

Add your cakes

After we verify your account, you can customize your store and add your cakes.


Start baking

You are all set. You can now focus on baking!

Main Features

Delivery areas and charges

Choose your delivery areas and charges for each delivery zone. You can allow customer pick-up option.

Easy and secure online payment

Customers pay online in full when they place an order. The payment goes directly to your PayPal account.

Direct contact with customers

Customers can approach you directly with any enquiry they may have.


Continuous marketing on social media and search engines to increase the visibility of your shop.


Let your customers help you to improve your sales by allowing them to review your cakes.


Get sales reports and analytics which helps to improve and grow your business.

Enjoy FREE of charge service for the entire 2021! (Yes completely free, no hidden charges, and you can also claim for PayPal fees from us). After this period, we may take a tiny commission (5-10%) to keep the platform running. You can also stop selling on our platform and leave at any time if you wish. So there is nothing to lose.


You can also access our dedicated Baker support zone to assist you during your baking journey with us.