Why You Should Start A Cake Business From Home During The Lockdown?

Have you been thinking to start a cake business but still hesitant due to lockdown and pandemic? You are not alone.

Let’s dive straight to the point and see why you should seriously think about it and take actions now:

  1. 1. Time to set up

You might be already missing those cinema nights and parties. But knowing that these are not currently possible, means that you have more extra time than before to start planning for your business.

Things like how and what do I need to register? What to name my business and how to build my brand? Which baking skills I still need to start my cake business? This period could be your only opportunity to sit and start planning for your new business.

If, unfortunately, you have lost your job or on furlough, you have a lot more time than before, and also you want to seriously spend this time to sort an alternative job.

  1. 2. More customers and demand

Lockdown means shops and bakeries are physically closed, and everyone now is after ordering cakes online. This gives you the opportunity to gain your first customers quickly and compete with established bakers who are already in this business for years.

Formal business predictions indicate that the shift to online shopping is expected to continue even after lockdown.

On top of that, people may find cake gifts as one of the few ways to express their support to their family members who are living in a different part of the country. This means there is more demand for this kind of orders during the lockdown.

  1. 3. Building your confidence

Weddings and other celebrations are practically, and unfortunately, not possible during lockdown (and we should not do them until it is safe to do so). This means people are likely to order simple cakes and bakes for a small number of people.

As a new baker, this might help you to start taking orders and build your confidence steadily before taking bigger cakes orders in the future.

  1. 4. Flexibility

If you are hesitant to deliver your cakes to customers or to have customers at your doorstep to pick-up their orders, then this is an ideal time to do only what you are comfortable with.

During the pandemic, people are more understanding of the limits for deliveries of pick-ups, and you can clearly specify how you want to do this.

  1. 5. Learning

Face-to-face baking and cake decorating courses are not possible during lockdown and pandemic. The only way for these professionals to deliver their courses during lockdown is online.

This could be an opportunity for you to register in some affordable online courses which you would not be able to travel hundred of miles to attend in the past.

On top of that, there are loads of online materials and YouTube videos about baking and cake decorating.

Finally, some councils are now doing questionnaires or accept videos calls to inspect your kitchen instead of making physical inspections which can take longer. This means you may not need to wait for long before you can actually start selling.

Even during the period of your registration, you can start building your brand and look for online platforms where you can quickly reach your customers.

Open your online store for free with Cakes Near Me

If you are ready to start your business, we at Cakes Near Me can help you to set up your online presence, grow your business and get customers. You can register and list your unlimited number of cakes for free (and will always stay free).

If you want more information or if you just want to register, please follow this link: https://cakesnearme.co.uk/become-a-baker If you would like to have a look at our future blogs please subscribe below.

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